The Art of Storytelling


“Celebrating cultural and linguistic diversity”

As North America’s first indigenous owned and operated animation studio, we take our responsibility for producing culturally rich and meaningful content seriously. As such, all our productions showcase indigenous cultures and languages while appealing to both indigenous and non-indigenous audiences alike.

Our Story

“Producing meaningful content, one episode at a time”

Since 2002, JerryCo Animation has been producing world-class animated content for indigenous and mainstream audiences. With over 200 episodes of animated television, 150 animated songs, and a feature film in our library, our studio has established itself as a first-rate production house.


“Allowing for artistic expression”

Unlike traditional animation studios, our animators are encouraged to contribute creatively throughout the production process. If someone comes up with a better idea, then the best idea wins, simple as that. By allowing for artistic freedom of expression, we believe we are providing a fulfilling work experience and contributing to a more innovative product.


“Animating with the best software in the business”

All our productions are animated using Harmony software. This state of the art, all-in-one production tool allows us to design characters, props and backgrounds and animate in a single environment. This helps us to be self-sufficient and to maintain our eco-goal of being a paperless company. When combined with Toon Boom’s Storyboard Pro, Harmony allows us to easily and efficiently manage our production from beginning to end.

Our Partners

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