Gordon’s World

Pilot and Bible Available
Animated series for children 6-12
26 x 11 minutes

Everybody’s different. 

GORDON’S WORLD is an animated series about a timid little boy named Gordon who just happens to be a little person. Normally a kid like Gordon would stand out, but not in Cosmos, the quirky little town where he lives, here everybody is “special.” Gordon’s best friend Astro is hearing impaired, his neighbour Phnom Penh is missing both arms, his teacher Miss Fobia is afraid of the dark, and his principal is an alien! How much quirkier can you get?

Each episode of GORDON’S WORLD introduces the audience to a new character and a new “difference”.  Viewers don’t find out what that particular difference is until its revealed at the end of the show. 

Gordon’s World combines creative story telling with kooky characters to celebrate the differences that make us who we are. Informative and entertaining, GORDON’S WORLD is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

PRODUCERS NOTE: GORDON’S WORLD has received support from the Canadian government, including Canada’s Minister of Justice Irwin Cotler. We are currently looking to partner with a broadcaster to complete season one.