The Butterfly Kids

Pilot and Bible Available
Animated preschool series
26 x 11 minutes

THE BUTTERFLY KIDS is a quirky little action adventure series about four carnivorous little kids, each one about the size of a grain of tapioca, that turned into butterflies with super powers by a mad scientist/pest controller, develop an insatiable appetite.  Consumed by hunger, they eat their way across a treacherous terrain filled with gigantic insects, pets and people.  

As they race along, gobbling up everything in sight, the Butterfly Kids draw the attention and the ire of a host of colourful insect characters with outlandish personalities–A tea-toting ladybug; a salsa-dancing Spanish fly; a toothpick wielding African army ant; a potato farming, Russian maggot.

The insects can’t stand the Butterfly Kids.  It’s not just that the Butterfly Kids are annoying and disruptive; that they constantly taunt and torment the insects; or that they eat everything in sight, including the insect’s food.  No, it’s that Butterfly Kids are the most disgusting, repulsive, despicable little creatures to ever walk the earth–The Butterfly kids are…CHILDREN! (Yuck!)

PRODUCERS NOTE: We are interested in partnering with a broadcaster to complete season one.